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“Clergy Guide to Sermon Preparation” is designed for seasoned clergy who are always on the lookout for new ideas.  Included are tips for preparing sermons, a special section on “How to Keep Weeks Ahead… and why you should” and forty sermon ideas and outlines, rich with illustrations, stories, and quotations to help apply the bible’s teachings to the everyday lives and needs of your listeners.
Clergy Guide to Public Speaking
Clergy Negotiating Guide:  Don't Sell Yourself Short
Clergy Guide to Making Visits
“Pastoral Leadership and Church Administration” guides you to learn skills to become a highly effective pastor.  Build vision, provide hope, tend leaders, build a staff team, manage time, plan strategically, craft policies, solve problems and learn to negotiate for yourself.  Top priorities of a pastor:  Worship preparation and delivery, being among your people and making sure things run well.  How to tend to those priorities without getting nibbled to death by ducks.

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Get Your Church Ready to Grow:  A Guide to Building Attendance and Participation
Beyond Stewardship:  A Church Guide to Generous Giving Campaigns
If you are called upon to offer a eulogy, introduce a speaker or make any special occasion speech, this book will guide you with tips and valuable direction.  Sections on content and delivery in public speaking show how to connect well with your listeners.  Includes 24 readings, stories and scriptures for use with eulogies.
This booklet guides clergy to tend to your leaders and to build a team with your staff.  Teamwork is more important than any single individual’s contribution.  Also included are tips on staff evaluations as well as the pastor’s annual evaluation.
This booklet practices what it preaches:  it is concise, to the point, and encourages effectiveness over efficiency.  The goal:  to give you tools that are quick to comprehend, easy to implement and will multiply what you can accomplish.  In short, it will help you to work smarter, not harder.  It will also aid you to avoid missing what your paycheck providers value most.  Effective time management can make or break a pastor.  Learn effective tools to help you make the most of your time and have time left over for yourself and your family and interests.
Visiting on Behalf of Your Church
“Reasons to Believe in the Institutional Church” offers positive reasons to believe in the institutional church.
If you are going to be interviewed for a new position as a pastor, you want this book because… who gets the job is not necessarily who can do the job best, but who knows best how to get the job.  Take the Call:  Clergy Job Interview Guide empowers clergy in their job interviews for new positions.
“Asking for Campaign Support” guides church volunteers to visit members to ask them to support their church’s capital campaign.  80% of a church campaign is planning and preparing.  Then comes the time to ask for support.  This how-to booklet provides guidance for preparing for visits, arranging to meet, and conducting a conversation that leads to inviting members to “join me” in participating in the campaign.  Visitors are guided to envision their task as not only raising resources for the church’s physical needs but as contributing to a healthy, vital, serving institution that meets the needs of the whole person better than just about any other human organization.  The booklet is designed to be reviewed quickly to serve visitors prior to phoning a church family to request a visit.  Also included are sections to guide visitors in role playing case studies as they practice and prepare for their visits, as well as a treasury of scriptures and quotations about giving – to help visitors f
With the corona-virus pandemic, the survival of our churches is at stake.  As church leaders try to figure out how to triage the church’s declining income, this book provides guidance for how to fund the church’s mission and ministry during a global pandemic of unknown length.  The focus is on how to lead the Annual Giving Campaign under these high-risk circumstances.
This book is like a first-aid kit for congregations in decline.  It provides strategies and ideas to reach out and bring back those who have left or who are considering leaving.  This is no quick fix.  But there are numerous small actions that can be effective to decrease the loss, perhaps even hold membership steady, and maybe even lead to enthusiasm about building for growth in participation and attendance.
“Clergy Guide to Confirmation Verses” offers a wide selection of verses to present individually to each Confirmand on Confirmation Sunday.  Each verse includes a recommendation for the person it might fit well, background information to draw from when talking with the Confirmand about the verse, and suggestions for how to make it personal.
This book is a compendium of John Zehring’s four books on hymns – their stories and their messages.  Each chapter celebrates the lyrics to the hymn, summarizes background about the author or the story of the hymn’s writing, and guides the reader to reflect upon the message of the lyrics.  The four books compiled within this book are:   “Be Still My Soul:  Soothing Hymn Meditations” “Music of the Spheres:  Hymns on Loving and Tending the Earth” “Hymns of Peace” “Hymns of Christian Commitment”  These hymn stories and messages are well-suited for discovering the background and messages of the hymns, guiding your personal devotions, employing the lyrics as a starting point for your prayers, or for clergy who might use them as a basis for sermon material.

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